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We are your premier destination for permanent makeup in Raymond, New Hampshire!

Appointment Reservation Fees

A mandatory, non-refundable reservation fee of $150 is necessary to confirm your appointment. This fee contributes towards your service, with the remaining balance to be settled on the day of your appointment.

Late Arrivals & Missed Appointments

We value everyone's time and request you to respect this. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will be deemed a no-show, and your appointment along with the reservation fee will be lost - no exceptions. This policy ensures our schedule remains unhampered and fair to all. Please consider traffic and potential roadblocks so that you arrive punctually.

In the event of a no-show, a full deposit is required to put you back on the schedule.


At times, unexpected situations may compel you to postpone or reschedule your procedure. We understand that such changes impact not just your service provider, but other clients as well. Clients may reschedule once, provided a 48-hour notice is given.

Should you fail to reschedule with a 48-hour notice, you will forfeit your reservation fee, and any future appointments will necessitate an additional $150 reservation fee.

• You may reschedule up to 2 times (with the 48-hour notice), and the rescheduled date should not exceed 6 months from the original date.
• Rescheduled appointments will be priced at the current rate.
• No call, no-shows, or notifications given less than 48 hours prior to the appointment will result in a full credit card charge.


Regrettably, no cancellations are permitted as reservation fees are non-refundable. Rescheduling is however possible.

If you opt to cancel, your reservation fee will be forfeited. (Please note that rescheduling is different from canceling - if you need to reschedule, please contact us first. Do NOT cancel your appointment, or you will lose your reservation fee).

Please familiarize yourself with our policies before booking. Should you neglect to do so and present any condition that deems you an unsuitable client, we reserve the right to deny service, and you will lose your reservation fee.

What makes you an unsuitable client for Permanent Makeup? See below:

At My Beautiful Brows by Vee, we place your safety and wellbeing first. Some conditions may affect your suitability for permanent makeup. Please refrain from scheduling an appointment if you:

- Have used AHA treatments in the past 2 weeks
- Are managing Diabetes
- Have taken Accutane (oral acne medication) within the past year
- Are under 18 years old
- Have undergone a chemical or laser peel within the past 6 weeks
- Have a propensity for keloids
- Have received Botox within the past 2 months
- Have HIV, Hepatitis, or have battled Cancer in the last 6 months
- Have consumed Fish Oil within the past 3 weeks
- Have tanned or plan to sunbathe within 3 weeks before or 30 days after the procedure
- Are dealing with viral infections or diseases
- Are taking blood-thinning medications
- Have Seborrheic dermatitis, skin irritations, eczema, or psoriasis near the treated area
- Are currently pregnant or nursing
- Have sensitive skin that tends to bleed easily
- Have epilepsy, heart problems, a pacemaker, or have undergone an organ transplant
- Are currently sick with a cold, flu, or similar illness
- Have had injectable treatments (2 months before or after the treatment)
- Have plans for vacations or special events in the immediate weeks after the treatment
- Are allergic to anesthetic (Lidocaine) or nickel

Your concerns and questions are always welcome. If you need further clarification on these guidelines, feel free to give us a call. We aim to provide a safe, comfortable, and fulfilling experience.
Let's ensure that your permanent makeup journey is smooth and satisfactory. Here's what you should bear in mind before your procedure:


- Go at least 24 hours before your procedure without consuming alcohol or caffeine and without performing strenuous workouts.
- Ensure that your brow treatments such as waxing, tinting, microdermabrasion, or chemical peels are not done in the week prior to the procedure.
- Stay away from sunbathing or using tanning beds for two weeks leading up to the procedure.
- If you're using Retin-A, discontinue it 6 weeks before your scheduled session.
- For the 24 hours preceding your appointment, avoid taking aspirin, niacin, Vitamin E, or Advil/Ibuprofen.
- Please don't apply any AHA skincare products near the eyebrow area for a couple of weeks before your appointment.
- Make sure to avoid having Botox around the brow area for at least 2 months prior to the procedure.


For post-procedure care, remember these steps:

- For the first 24 hours, avoid touching the treated area.
- Starting the day after your procedure, make sure to keep your brow area clean by gently wiping and applying an approved ointment like A&D twice daily for three days. Always use a Q-tip to prevent any chance of infection.
- Resist the urge to scratch or pick at the treated area, allowing any dry skin or scabbing to naturally exfoliate off.
- Keep away from activities that cause excessive sweating, including strenuous physical effort, gym, sauna, or steam rooms, and also avoid exposure to the sun, tanning beds, or pool for a period of two weeks.
- Refrain from sleeping on your face during the first 10 days post-procedure.
- Avoid applying makeup or skincare products to the treated area for two weeks.
- Don't undergo any Botox treatment around the area for two weeks post-procedure.
- Avoid facials, chemical treatments, and microdermabrasion for 4 weeks after your procedure.
- After the treated area is completely healed (around 14 days), remember to use sunblock (at least SPF 30, ideally 50) when going out in the sun to prevent color fading.
- If you wish to have your eyebrows tinted, wait for at least three weeks post-procedure.

The Healing Process

- Don't be surprised if the treated area seems larger and darker for a few days; it's a part of the healing process and will fade in due course.
- To alleviate any swelling, feel free to use ice on the area.
- Apply A&D ointment with a clean cotton swab twice a day for the first three days. After this, allow the area to heal naturally, keeping it dry until it's completely healed.
- Post-procedure, your brow might appear 20-40% darker and about 15% thicker. This is perfectly normal and can last up to 10 days as the initial healing process takes place. Minimal scabbing or flaking is expected but should not be picked at.
- Remember, the full healing process takes about 6-8 weeks, and your brow color will soften and lighten over this period. You're asked to be patient, as the true color only reveals itself at least 6 weeks after the procedure. It's important to note that your follow-up appointment should be scheduled 8-12 weeks after the initial procedure and is not included in the initial cost.

Choose a service to schedule

Ombre Powder Brows - $150
Ombré Powder Brows is a type of permanent makeup technique used to give eyebrows a soft, shaded makeup look.
Nano Hair Strokes - $150
Nano Brow Hair Strokes, in the context of permanent makeup, is a technique used to create highly natural-looking eyebrows
Microblading - $150
Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that enhances sparse eyebrows or creates fuller brows.
Lip Blushing - $150

Lip blushing is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing technique that enhances the natural color and shape of the lips.
Scar Camouflage - $150

Scar Camouflage in the field of permanent makeup refers to a technique that uses tattooing to reduce the visibility of scars
Scalp Micro-pigmentation - $150

Scalp Micro-pigmentation (SMP) is a non-surgical hair loss treatment that uses detailed micro-needles to deposit pigment into the scalp.
Beauty Marks/Freckles - $100

Beauty marks and faux freckles are a cosmetic tattooing procedure where tiny dots of pigment are delicately placed into the skin to mimic natural beauty marks or freckles
Lash Enhancement - $150
Lash Enhancement is a permanent makeup technique where semi-permanent pigment is delicately deposited into the lash line. It subtly defines and frames the eyes by creating the illusion of fuller, darker lashes. This treatment is perfect for individuals desiring a natural, yet defined eye enhancement.
3 D Areola - $150
3D Areola Enhancement is a transformative permanent makeup procedure designed to recreate a natural-looking areola after mastectomy or other breast surgeries. Through artistic shading and color selection, it provides a 3D illusion of a realistic areola and nipple, thereby restoring confidence and a sense of normalcy in individuals' lives.
Eyeliner (Shaded/ Winged) - $150

Permanent Makeup Eyeliner is a semi-permanent cosmetic technique where pigment is implanted into the skin to create the effect of a lasting eyeliner. This treatment offers a defined, smudge-free solution for those who desire to accentuate their eyes without the daily application of traditional cosmetics. Whether you're looking for a subtle lash line enhancement or a bolder, more dramatic look, permanent makeup eyeliner can be tailored to match your individual style and preferences.
Follow Up Appointment - $50
We encourage you to plan your follow-up appointment approximately 8-12 weeks after your initial procedure.

Please remember, the cost for follow-up sessions is not included in the initial procedure price. The pricing depends on when you come back for your follow-up, so it's important to be clear about the timing and costs before booking your session. If you believe a follow-up session is necessary, we ask that you wait until one month after the healing process is complete and then reach out to schedule your session. It's your responsibility to book your touch-up in a timely manner.

Follow-up sessions are intended to refine and perfect the work done in the initial appointment rather than alter your enhancement's shape or color. If a shape or color change is desired during your follow-up, we can discuss this and any potential additional costs.
Annual Touch Up - $85
Our Yearly Touch-Ups are exclusively for our current clients. If it's been more than 2 years since your last touch-up, please contact our studio to schedule an appointment, as more time might be needed to perfect your brows. The touch-up cost is separate from the initial procedure price, and the exact amount is influenced by the length of time since your previous visit. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the specific timeframes and associated costs before setting your appointment.

For clients beyond the 18-month mark, we advise booking a Complete Procedure appointment. Please mention in the comments that you are an over 18-month Annual. The remaining balance will be settled on the day of your touch-up, considering the time elapsed since your last session. It's your obligation to schedule your Touch-Up in the appropriate timeframe.

If you're considering switching from Microblading to Ombre Powder Brows, please note that this isn't considered a touch-up, and you'll need to book a full procedure slot. The pricing will be adjusted accordingly.

We respectfully request that only existing clients book Touch-Ups. We do not perform Touch-Ups over the work of other artists. If you fail to disclose previous work, this could lead to a cancellation of your appointment, and your deposit will be forfeited. For those with previous work, please submit photos ahead of time so we can assess whether you're a suitable candidate for our procedure.
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